Alayah's Visit

When D'Auna & Alayah arrived to play, 
Norah was all crashed out in the stroller.
 It's exhausting keeping the household up all night.
(Don't know why she is torturing us but it's her new thing)
 Pretty little Alayah
 Happy with her mama.
 Tried to get a picture of all 3, uncooperative babies.

 Trying the tomatillos.
 Kitty harassment.

 Oreo loves the attention, surprising but true.
Well, until he doesn't, such a cat.
 So cute.

 Ava took this.  It's really blurry but I still like it.
 Ava's new thing "hand stands", Norah's attempts are the funniest.
Pile of kids.
This again, cause it's my total fav.  

Love it.  

Love them.

Totally worth waking up for, right Norah??


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