Almost Time...

I'm so excited for our trip!!

We leave tomorrow for Sacramento, right now I 
am busy packing, making lists, organizing & 
stressing over what I may forget.  

It's what I do.
This picture couldn't be more accurate.

None the less, couldn't be more thrilled
to be going to Meaghan's wedding, spending time
with our family & most of all getting some much 
needed relaxing alone time with John.

We are beyond thankful for the wonderful people 
that are coming together to entertain our kids while 
we are away.  I know you will all have so much fun 
together & IF I wasn't off flying on an airplane
WITHOUT KIDS to sunny weather, wine & fun, there
is no place I would rather be then there with you all!


Ha, you know...T puts off packing until the last minute until we're at the point now where I pack for the both of us. But when we went to Ireland I was so damn prepared it was ridiculous. You just never know what to expect, you know?

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