Thursday, September 20, 2012


My laptop is in the shop.

No big deal right?


Not so much.

You got me,

I feel a little lost without it. 

I love that thing.

Anyhow, I will be blogging from the phone for now.

Ava just got this new flower press from my Mom's friend Dee Dee, just like one I had as a kid.

(Ava actually has an imaginary friend named Dee Dee too, more on that soon)

Ava was so excited to get started with pressing flowers right away, she was a little surprised when we recommended waiting a week or so before opening it up to give the flowers a chance to dry out.

I loved her reaction.

In her best little teenage voice she says, "Wait, what? A WEEK?? REALLY??"

She has since pressed, opened & re-opened it about 20 times since yesterday.

Oh well, saw that coming.

Hopefully it will be back soon with not too much financial damage.  I'm also hoping that dude fixing it cleans it while he's at it, that thing is a mess. 

In the meantime we shall focus on phone photos, well at least one phone photo at a time since that's all this phone app lets me do per post.