Wednesday, September 19, 2012


This is a little all over the place but 
randomness is fun, right??
Norah has had money kept away from her 
forever.  She will eat anything, well any non-food 
item, vegetables are totally safe around her, she 
won't touch those.
 Anyhow, now she is allowed to play with 
money and she is thrilled!  She asks for it 
anytime it crosses her line of sight.  Ugh.
 Speaking of talking, Norah is doing quite of 
bit of that these days.  She has many phrases 
down.  If she hears us talking about something
she always chimes right in.
On our last time heading to the beach, when
we pulled into town, Mom & I were discussing 
how it was really foggy outside.

Norah says "It's foggy here.  It's foggy here"
over and over and over.  Funny.
 Today she walked into the kitchen holding a book,
she says "I have a book, please read."  Wow.  That
took me by surprise.  I can't believe how much she 
can say, and so soon!
 She is a little chatter box, she has something to 
say about everything.
 But truthfully, my favorite thing she says 
is this strange little whispery-jibber-jabber
she totally makes up.  She leans in like what 
she is going to say is really important, then 
gos on & on in this little whisper with this 
crazy little language.  It's the cutest thing.
 She cracks me up about 1 million times a day.
 She also drives me completely nuts about 15 times a day.
 I suppose that ratio is pretty good, could be
so much worse!! 
 Ava is so easy compared to Norah.  
Her biggest issue is that she sees Norah doing
something naughty and she feels that gives her 
the green light to do it too, rather then being a 
good example to her sister. 
 Which as you can imagine just doubles the trouble.
Oh well, they sure do keep it interesting!!!
 I LOVE that Norah is still little enough to bathe in 
the sink.
 That means she is still a baby right?  RIGHT????
 I really don't want her to grow up too fast. 
 I love the age she is right now.  
Next thing you know she will be four and a half,
like some people we know  : (

And THAT would put Ava at seven & half!!!  
 We saw a spider with it's prey on the back deck,
the girls thought this was pretty cool!

 She stole my phone, listening to music. 
See?  Old.
John got these little camping chairs for free at 
a garage sale next door (there is another that
matches this one) look who took them over.

Happy kitty.

Tomorrow the girls & I are going hiking.  
I'm sad John can't come with us.
I think this means I have to carry Norah!!  

I'm scared!  I can't decide which is better, pushing 
a stroller up steep hills or carrying her in the hiking 
pack.  Wish me luck, I already have a kink in my 
neck just thinking about it...

Ok maybe I already had that but I'm sure carrying 
her in that pack isn't going to help! : )


viewfromdownhere said...

She is growing up way too quickly! And good luck with the hike! Hopefully you won't have to carry Norah too long, but hey, at least it'll be a good workout, right?