Without Norah

It is not exactly easy for me to leave either 
of my kids, but when an opportunity arises
 to spend some real quality time with 
one of them I really try to make it happen.
 We wanted to take Ava skiing and I wanted to 
be up there on the mountain with her, which
really gets tricky with Norah so Auntie Linda
volunteered to watch her overnight on Thursday
with John picking her up the next day, but me 
not seeing her until Saturday!  

That is the longest time I have ever been apart 
from her.  
 It was bitter sweet.  

It is amazing how much simpler things seem 
with just one child, no naps to juggle, stairs
to block, night wakings, needs to be met...

But I missed her terribly.  I just kept thinking 
about her, whether she was having fun, if she
was sleeping well, getting spoiled, missing me.

 It was great spending that time with Ava though.
 I talked up the whole thing, telling her it was going
to be a Special Ava, Mommy & Grandma Day!!  
That we would go skiing and Auntie Jessica will 
even come hang out with us Friday!

I had to make it sound really good because I know 
how her mind works, she is asking herself questions
like "Is Norah going to have more fun then me?  Am
I getting the better end of this deal or tricked?"
But this was all for her and I think she got that.

Even though she mentioned that she likes Mommy 
& Ava Days, but prefers Daddy & Ava Days.  

Oh well, you can't win them all.

I prefer sunny, on the beach, cocktail in hand, Aruba Days.

Anyhow we all had a great time, us with Ava, Linda & John
with Norah.

I can't tell you how nice it is to be back with my sweet 
little baby though.  She just lights up my life in an 
indescribable way.
 Love, love, love her.


Nain said…
ah, I couldn't imagine! I have a hard enough time leaving Aubrey for the day at daycare...let alone for that many days!