A Great Weekend

What a nice weekend.
 Not only was the weather great,
we were super productive.
 John got the yard all pretty,
the backyard nearly BBQ ready
& the garage super clean!
 We hit up two parks and got some fun 
family time in too.
 John & I took the kids to fly this little wooden
airplane and try out our new Stomp Rocket.
 While we were there we got to watch this 
guy flying his very cool remote control 
airplane in the field. 

  It was pretty fun to watch.
The guy even had a runway set up in the field 
& he kept practicing landing his plane, it was cool.
Norah dug seeing the plane in the air.
 Ava had a nice time playing on the playground
equipment.  This is a special place, someday it 
will be HER elementary school.
 She was pretty excited about the prospect of that.

 John wants one of those big planes.

 Norah would like to eat dirt, lots of dirt.
 She doesn't really appreciate John confiscating 
the mouthfuls of dirt she chooses to consume.
 Babies are very strange.
 The Stomp Rocket was really fun.  
We also discovered that Ava doesn't have
enough "stomp" in her to send it over our 
backyard fence so she should be able to play
with it at home too.
 Ava liked checking out Daddy's motorcycle
helmet and trophies as we cleaned out the garage.
(Love how well it goes with the purse)
Our garage is so clean you could actually park a 
car in there!  Not that we would do a 
silly thing like that!!  Ava loves to ride her
trike/bike/scooter in there too much.
It's so nice having good weather, a super
productive weekend and some good family time.

Love my peeps.


Love the warm weather, too! Spending time outside with aubrey and getting out of the house :-) And yes, kids are strange..wonder if dirt has any nutritional value?