Pre-Easter Fun

We had a wonderful Easter!
 First we did Easter baskets with the girls.
 Ava got all kinds of cool things, puzzles, an airplane,
a bell for her bike, toothpaste, mouthwash, seeds to 
plant in the garden, egg shaped sidewalk chalk, some 
jewelry and of course the quintessential chocolate bunny.
 Next we dyed some Easter eggs, 
which was fun.  Usually I only dye eggs 
because we need to for our family
event, but this was simply an art project 
for Ava and she LOVED it. 
 It was nice that the eggs weren't for anything,
I could just relax and let her do or not do as 
much as she wanted, no pressure.  I'm kind
 of a control freak, so this is big for me  : )
 She wanted to sit and watch them change colors.
 She kept checking on them to see their progress.
 And then she wanted to sit and watch them dry.
She is so funny.
 Finally we got the girls ready and headed out for
our annual super-fun Easter get together with 
the family. 
It was a fabulous party, fun was had by all.
I have a million pictures to share from that 
but I think they better wait until tomorrow.

Such a lovely weekend filled with so many 
Easter festivities.  

I hope you all had a great Easter too,
we are so very, very blessed.


I love Norah's dress! And such fun coloring Easter eggs. I can't wait to do that with Aubrey in the future :-)