New Toys!

So you are probably going to think 
that I have lost my mind.

First I take away all their toys, now we 
get them a new giant toy, with a million

Yep, lost my mind.
 But isn't it cute??
The colors even match the room off the 
kitchen where we are going to have it live.
 The little burners light up and make noise
when you cook and the knobs click when
you turn them.  Pretty cool. 
 Happy kids : )
 You should of seen the MILLIONS of pieces this
thing came in!!  The box was big enough that they
could of sent it assembled, but I assume they didn't 
want to spend the two hours putting it together themselves.
Norah loves taking things in and out of everything
so I imagine this will be a big hit with her.
 And Ava loves this kind of stuff already so I think
it's a win-win.

And the real plus??

Now I have something to take away when they 
are naughty right?


That is the coolest toy ever! I would have loved that as a kid!