Outside Fun

Oh my, oh my.

Where to begin.  I have about a million 
pictures I want to share but I will do my 
best to not totally over do it (today).

There was really only one place to be today,
outside!  It was beautiful!  Such a change 
from the snow of the last two weeks in 
Government Camp.
 Norah really enjoyed playing in the grass.
 She wandered around the deck forever too,
soaking in all the fun of the car & house out there.
 Ava needed in on the action too.
 So did Oreo.

Norah loves climbing in and out of this car,
she must of done it 100 times.
 We decided to go for a walk too. 
 Norah doesn't exactly get the whole idea
of sticking to the sidewalk and heading in 
a forward direction but she loved it none the less.
 John decided to thrill the girls with a little
plane flying.
 He's showing Ava the ropes.
 Both the girls really got a kick out of watching 
it fly way up in the air.

 My 3 favorite people.
And this is my favorite picture of the day:
Be still my heart.


I love that picture of John walking with the girls!