Just Run With It.

 I have been inspired.
Oh by a million things, but in particular,
as of late, the IDEA of running.

It seems all these people who claim to be
"non-runners" around me are now running.

And not just running, but running 5k's and 
half marathons.  WTH?

I thought you said you CAN'T run?  

Now I actually believe I can't run.

I haven't run a day in my life. 
I always had a slip that got me out of it in school.  
I still die from asthma on a regular basis.   
I've even had hip surgery.

Do you see how many awesomely perfect
excuses I have?? 

But then I get to thinking, if THEY can do it, 
can't I??  

I am very competitive.  That might be what this is.

My husband today was like "WHAT!!?  You are 
not just walking?  You CAN'T run!"

So now I pretty much have to right?

Well I am going to try.  Right now I am starting 
with a 1.5 mile route that I alternate between 
walking fast and running.  I'm pretty slow but for 
now I am just trying to get used to the whole thing.

My goal is to someday, who knows how long 
from now, but someday, be able to run the 
entire mile & a half.  

Currently I can make it about a block at a time : )

My body is in shock from this turn of events.  
I really hope I can stick with it & that it gets easier.

Really what I would rather be doing is this:
And for fun, here is one more of Ava sleeping,
I call this "Ava's idea of an after-hours party"
She's a pretty funny girl.

I should wake her up and make her run with me, 
I'm just not sure I could keep up with her : )

When I got home from my mostly walk/sort of 
run I looked at the app I was using to track the 
whole ordeal on my phone.  It gave me all sorts
of info that I found distressing.

First off it claimed I had only gone a mile and a 
half, now I could of swore it felt more like 2 miles.
It also said that I "burned 150 calories, the equivalent 
of 5 carrots"  WTH?  They must of meant 1050, or the 
equivalent of an entire order of Pad Thai with 5 carrot 
shreds on top, right??

And really, 5 carrots?  
Do carrots even count as actual calories? 

Next time I sit down with a big bag of them & my 
container of hummus I'm not sure I will be able
to feel quite the same about my "healthy snack".


Oh well, here's to inspiration.  
We've all got to start somewhere.  


I speed walk right now, but I totally want to get into running, too. And 1.5 miles is a great start! I'm not sure how much I rely on those stats...it's hard to really calculate that. And building muscle helps in the long run b/c you'll burn calories even when not exercising. So it's win-win...you can do it!
Sarah said…
Yeah, today, going the same route it said 1.69 miles so I guess it can't be trusted, it's probably more like 2 like I suspected :)
Rhi said…
Go Sarah!!!! Sometimes I hate apps that force reality on you. It can be brutal, but they say knowledge is power, right?