Fun with Toys

We brought out the old bouncy house, 
princess ball pit thing that we've been 
storing in the attic for awhile.
 I'm not a big fan of princess-y things and it 
always seemed to get balls everywhere,
go figure.

But we saved it because it was always a really 
big hit with Ava and we suspected baby #2
might love it equally as much.
 Ava seems to LOVE everything we bring 
back out for Norah, she has played with this 
thing non-stop.  She turns it into a million 
other things which really equals her destroying
it as quickly as possible, all the while plotting 
what to do with it next.

She has drug it all through the house, turned it 
upside down to make a fort and flipped Norah
out of it over & over which she assured me 
Norah LOVED and judging from her laughter
that seemed to be accurate.
 Norah loves it too.  She loves getting in and 
out of it a million times a day.  She loves all 
the games Ava makes up with it and she 
enjoys just sitting and hiding inside, peaking 
out at us.
 Ava daydreams about sleeping inside of the thing.
 She kept trying to convince me how comfortable
she was sure it would be.

She begged me to let her "camp out" in 
the living room in it.  I said hell no because
that would be like agreeing to never have her 
go to bed, hanging out right in the middle of 
our adult time.  So not happening.
But she did finally get her main wish, which was
to sleep on the thing.  It's good she got that in,
I think she has managed to pop it in about 6 
different areas and the duct tape is just not 
cutting it, so it's quickly on it's way out.

That princess-y bounce house, ball pit, castle 
thing didn't last long this time, but I still think 
they got a good life out of it.

As much as I love watching them really enjoy
their toys, I'm not going to lie, not really sad 
to see that go.

Bye-bye princess castle thingamajig, 
you will be missed, just not by me : )