Perks of Preschool

Ava loves preschool.

She brags to her friends that she goes
to school now, counts down the days 
until Monday rolls around again and 
just in general won't stop talking about it.
One of the added perks to her attending preschool 
is that she gets invited to the schools field trips. 
I think they go on one each month.
 Today we got to go to Commonwealth Lake Park
with her class, they are studying all things to do with
ponds this month so this was a good way to wrap up
that lesson plan.
 We got there a little early so we had an 
opportunity to walk around and feed some 
of the ducks.

 Oh and take pictures, that's what we do.

On a side note, we went to the park the other
day and this mom took pictures of her3 kids 
ages 5, 10 & 17 the entire time with her phone.  
The kids were barely allowed to play at all.
All they were allowed to do was pose for 1.7
million photos their mom wouldn't stop taking!
It was bugging me so much!  (Yes I do realize 
the irony in that, I swear I am not like that...much.)
 I said MUCH!
 These geese were so aggressive!!
 Ava loves Hailey, she is not only Teacher 
Valerie's daughter but also our new neighbor. 
When Valerie opened the preschool her family 
moved just down the street from us.

 Ava only goes to school on Mondays but we've
started inviting Hailey over to play afterwards, 
double bonus.
 The kids got to play at the playground after we 
were done exploring around the lake, they loved that.
 Norah was pretty excited about it too.

The group, mostly all girls : )
Ava is learning, making new friends & exploring 
new places.  I am so glad we got her involved in 
preschool, it's only one day for 3 hours but it 
adds so much to her little life, 
just check out that smile!  : )