Oreo, among other things.

Oreo has been feeling left out of things lately.

Sure he gets to be crawled on, sat on and harshly
petted on a regular basis, but for some reason 
he wants more.

So I obliged him by treating him like one of my 
children, and what else do you do with kids then
take their photo??  

There.  My work here is done.

Here's a few extra photos that have nothing to do
with anything.

 I just like them.

Now back to my favorites, the REAL kids. 
I tried taking Ava on a test run/walk today to see if she 
could hang.  The answer is NO, to the fifth degree.

Not because she can't keep up, just because she 
refuses to try.  She is at that wonderful age where
the majority of the things she does is deliberately 
just to test me; my patience, my love for her, 
my ability to choose her over every single other 
person or thing. 

I have failed that test.

Thankfully, as parents, I'm pretty sure we are not 
supposed to strive to pass this particular test.

So there is that.
 At least they are cute, 
they've got that going for them.

Now if we could just work on cooperative...