First Pigtails

I saw this crazy thing on Pinterest the other
day, it was a blog showing 15 hairstyles for
a baby about Norah's age!  

Now this just blows my mind.

How do you get your baby to stay still??

How do you manipulate their hair into such
perfection?  I can't even pull that off for Ava,
who has a ton of hair.  

Hair is not my thing.  

Ask anyone.

Anyhow, that blog made me think, well I 
could at least do pigtails if she can do 15
hairstyles on her baby.  Right??

Brace yourself.  You are about to be 
totally overwhelmed with cuteness.

 No joke.
 This girl owns my heart right now,
really, they both do.
 But wait, there's more.  
Little Norah got a hold of her 
big sister's boots. 

I can barely stand it.  
The two of them together is just too much.

And in pictures?  

In a good way!  : )


Rachel said…
Eeeeek! Too cute!!