Babies are Scary!

The craziest thing happened yesterday.

The girls were taking a bath & playing,
playing, playing like usual when Ava
knocked Norah over.  I think she was trying
to grab a toy that was on the other side of 
her or something and little chick has super
limited balance, especially in the water.
Ava loves her so much.
 I watched her go down and sprung to my
feet immediately to save her.  Ok, so far none 
of this is strange.  She falls all the time in the bath
and usually corrects herself upright and carries on
with her playing without incident.
This picture cracks me up.  Norah is less then thrilled.
But this time was different.  She simply laid down
and let the water pour over her head.  She was as 
calm as can be, eyes open and completely submerged
under the water, totally relaxed. 

I grabbed her out as quick as I could and held her upside
down, attempting to let any water in her out.  She didn't
cough, didn't cry, didn't even look upset about the whole 
situation.  It was super strange!!  
Babies are so scary!  
I swear Norah tries to give me 
a heart attack on a daily basis.  

Good thing I have Ava to help me look out for her.

Ava knows that her number one job is to keep 
Norah safe and she takes that very seriously.

Love these girls.


Oh wow! That would have scared me, too!