Almost Summer & A Video

 I super can't get over the cuteness of this dress
on little tiny Noria.
 So much so, rather then just showing you one
or two cute photos of her wearing it, I will 
provide SEVERAL.
 But really?  What else is new.
 I love digging out the Summer clothes.
 Although that nice hot day was short lived, 
it's already cold and rainy again. 
 But there is hope...

I also want to share a little video of Ava skiing on 
her own.  This is on Buttercup, so not a super steep
hill but a good notch above the bunny hill.  She is so
good at turning!  

Please excuse how shaky the video is, I took it on 
my phone, skiing behind her.  I was more concerned 
with watching her then actually making a good video.

I love how that guy almost takes her out.  
She didn't even flinch, such a trooper.


Cadie said…
Super cute dress, and even cuter girls! I can't get over how well Ava does skiing. I have never been...way too uncoordinated for that sport, and just a bit frightened! Way to go, Ava! And, here's hoping to some more beautiful weather around here!!
Rhi said…
Ava skiing is great! It blows me away how steady she is!!!