Now and Then

Last year I did a mini photo shoot with
Ava & Norah out by the flowers in 
front of our house.  

The flowers just looked so beautiful I 
couldn't resist, plus as you know I 
sort of like taking pictures of my girls.
It's funny to look back on that picture and see 
how much they have changed.
Here they are now:
 So grown up!!

Here is Ava, same time 2 years ago,
before there even was a little Norah:
 Two years later:
 She has grown into such a beautiful young 
lady.  We saw our neighbor outside yesterday
and Ava says "Hi Heidi!  How was your Easter?
What did you guys do?"  So mature.
 And you know how I feel about this girl.

 Her cuteness pretty much kills me.

 And she's done, and dirty.
 Love these girls.


guzzi guy said…
Very nice! Love seeing the difference and the maturity!
Jessica Gies said…
Love, love, love... That's all I can say.
Aw, look how much they have grown!
Rachel said…
Oh the cuteness!! Wonderful sisters!
Rhi said…
super duper cuteness