Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  
 I just love Ava's tender way with her sister.
 We took the girls to The Springs yesterday
for the annual egg hunt.  Norah toddled around
holding her basket not really collecting eggs.
 She loved holding the one egg & daddy 
slipped a few extras in her basket
for good measure.
 I just got such a kick out of watching
her walk around with that basket.
 Could she be cuter??
 Next was Ava's age group's turn.
It was a mad dash for the eggs.
After the hunt they did a drawing for 
big baskets of goodies.  There were 
6 baskets and as each name was called
Ava anxiously waited to hear her name 
picked, which it wasn't.
Ava didn't seem to mind not winning until they 
called Norah's name as the winner, 
THAT was the end of the world.  
She didn't seem to get that this was basically the
 same as her winning.  Norah is way too young to 
play with or eat any of the stuff she won.
Here is the best shot I got with the bunny.
Norah is too busy for photos, she has 
places to be.
Happy Easter everyone, I hope your day
is filled with blessings.