We started this morning off with a basketball game. Not just any basketball game but 11 year-old girls. Who would of known it would be so stressful?? Yet so fun? We will be back next week for sure! What a great opportunity to see our family, we have two cousins playing and my aunts coaching so the stands are filled with our people. : )

Next we headed over to visit Grandpa, he is a little sick today so we just checked in a few times and kept ourselves busy with other kid-friendly activities.

We started with the park.
Then we headed to the pool.

I LOVE these pictures. Ava & Colton are a bit crazy but they are super cute together.

This pool is awesome, it is shallow, warm and salt water.
The kids did great, good times : )


Rhi said…
her curls are so gorgeous! is it me, or are Colton's trunk a tad big for him??? but they are super cute together :)
Sarah said…
Yes but as you know, better to buy it too big then too small, I think he hadn't even tried them on yet, they were new. I am just happy they matched so well, it almost looked like we planned that. :)

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