Poor Baby

Ava is still sick.

Send help.

She coughed all night and has so much trouble sleeping when she is sick. She woke up with a temperature of 102.6, again. She was so funny this morning, we were snuggling in my bed and she crawled away to get down off the bed. She only made it across John's legs and then collapsed and fell back to sleep. John was able to sneak out from under her and she ended up sleeping there until 9:30.

If only I had my camera...

Oh well, these will have to do for now:

She has been watching a LOT of TV.

I am of course taking advantage of her down time to promote more potty books, much to no avail so far...

She has a doctor's appointment at 3:45 this afternoon,
those bitches better fix her.

We are getting cabin fever.


Rhi said…
Poor Ava! Poor Mommy! Get better quick!

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