Sorry My Love...

If you read this blog, you know that John and I decided to celebrate our Valentine's Day on Thursday, as in that is when we would go out, to avoid the crowds. Also because I work on Sundays.

Sunday morning I woke up and was inundated with people all around me oohing and aahing over all the wonderful things their husbands and boyfriends were doing for them. It was all over facebook and I was even receiving cute little tweets about it too.

Now I was super pro-active in giving John his gift. I went as far as to give it to him Wednesday, the night before our date. On Thursday he mentioned that he had not gotten me anything but that he had plenty of time seeing that Sunday was actually Valentine's Day.

So when I woke up Sunday morning and noticed no card or any sweet sentiment going on in my household I felt a little left out.

I kept going over it in my head. It wasn't like I wanted gifts or even a card (okay maybe that is a lie) but what I was really looking for was the thought behind this whole stupid holiday.

I wanted proclamations of love!!! I wanted romance and appreciation and all THAT fun stuff.

So in my moment of weakness I became THAT GIRL.

You know, the one I hate, the one I don't want to be.

I started pouting. John knew something was up and asked what my deal was.

I couldn't resist, "Did you even get me a card?"

He was torn between being mad at me for my bad behavior and feeling bad but he assured me he still had plenty of time, the day was not over.

*Note to any guys reading this: When you live with someone you should start your love-fest early in the morning, shopping on the day of seems a little like poor planning. *

I am sorry my love that I turned into THAT GIRL. You don't deserve that. You are wonderful and I don't need you to jump through hoops to prove that you love me. I know.

Guilt trip: annoying.

The result: A dozen roses delivered to my work by my 2 favorite people, 2 cards, 2 balloons, candy, and best of all my favorite Papa Murphy's veggie pizza ready when I got home with 2 glasses of wine waiting to enjoy.

I love my husband!

Here are my two sweeties enjoying the Olympics together, aren't they cute???

Ava always says "Daddy lets cuddle!" They are so sweet together.


John Gamble said…
In your defense love...I should have done something earlier in the day to let you know that I hadn't forgotten. Love you
Anne said…
I can be "THAT GIRL" too. We have to remember that guys are a different species and they don't think like us gals! I am glad that you ended up with some nice Valentine gifts though :)
Sarah said…
So true Anne, if I was just patient he would of impressed me eventually :)
...and he did. You have a pretty amazing brother!!
The Iwen's: said…
THAT GIRL...ahhh, we all end up being her sometimes, it's so true. But you know, my man also ends up being THAT GUY sometimes, so it evens out! :)

So glad I finally got on a real computer and am enjoying your seem to update a lot. When does Ava let you go that? Aubrey is all over the keyboard, and when she naps, well I have so much to do, blog gets skipped.
Sarah said…
Well Erin, that is simple. Ignore the child. No, I am only kidding, Ava plays pretty independently at times so we work it in. It is important to me because THIS is how I plan on remembering all the wonderful day to day things that are going on with Ava, she will never be two again. I want to record every second!
Rhi said…
hehehehehe I am laughing at the notion of you being "that girl." but because you married someone fabulous, he pulled it together :D
Sarah said…
Yeah, just barely. hee hee. I love him, he rocks!

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