She looks so cute in sunglasses.

And I love any picture of her with Daddy.

She must be drinking my Kool-Aid because she asked Daddy to take her picture please! Yes, one step closer to "trained"!

We had a great day with Grandpa. Ava was quite the trooper, we were there from noon until about 8 o'clock at night.

We got Grandpa out to the putting green!

I am so proud of him!

His golf game needs a little work but yay for trying!

Scott tried to help Ava brush up on her skills too.

She might be the next Chuck.

Great Papa's gloves.

Not only did he golf, we even got him to play pool!!

Grandpa gave himself a little tour of the facilities. He tried out the weight room. He saw the pool, the movie theater and the chapel.

I am not saying he didn't sit me down AGAIN today and tell me more about his plans to high tail it out of this place but THERE IS HOPE and I can live with hope.


Rhi said…
hope is good!!!!!!!!

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