Beach Weather!

When you have weather like this you pretty much have to go to the beach. Mom, Billy, Amelie, baby Ben, Ava & I all headed to the coast for a quick trip.

We all watched Ben wow us with his walking skills, he is only 9 months old and has it down!!


Amelie doesn't always want me to take her picture. I have to sneak most of them in when she is not looking.

She was cracking my up with her grape line.

Here is Ava playing in "her" rocks.

Time to head to the beach. Ben looks a little worried, "are you sure SHE should push me?"

Rhi & Tyler came to join us for a beach play date!

Tyler loved digging in the sand

...and standing in the water, guess he wanted to wash his shoes? : )

This was Ben's second trip to the beach, can you say: sand eating prevention?

It is fun watching the kids get down and dirty.

Tyler is so cute!

The girls had a lot of fun playing together, Ava is reminding us more and more of Amelie these days, these girls are two peas in a pod.

These beach shots are just a glimpse of our fun 2 days. We had a great time playing in the house too and on the beach the next day. I didn't have my camera and the one I was using died but I am hoping to recover some of the other photos that were taken from my mom and Billy.

We got Billy to play Ticket to Ride with us and she loved it. Yay!! We got the kids to bed and stayed up until 3:30 in the morning talking and laughing. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time, it was great!

The next day we all went out to breakfast at The Wildflower Grill, my favorite spot. The food was and is always fabulous.

After breakfast Billy and Ben took a much needed nap and Mom and I took the girls down to the park to play and then back to the sand. We ran on the beach and built sandcastles. Ava never leaves a sandcastle standing for more then a few seconds so the girls took turns crushing them. I have video of that I will add later if I can get a hold of them.

Great trip, can't wait to do it again!!


guzzi guy said…
It really sounds fun!
Unknown said…
I love it when the weather is like that at the beach! I'm glad you all got to enjoy it!
Madeline said…
Looks like sooo much fun! I can't wait to take Logan to the beach when he is a little older. He has the same onsie as Ben, Feed Me! It is a favorite in this house.
Sarah said…
@Dad we had such a nice time!
@Tracy you should join us!!!
@Madeline Logan would LOVE it. As long as you can keep the sand out of his mouth. It gets more and more fun as they get older!
Rhi said…
It was such a nice day! I'm glad Tyler and I got to spend a bit of it with you guys :)
Sarah said…
Me too Rhi, I hope to see you guys again soon, we miss you!!

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