Monday, February 15, 2010


Okay that was sarcastic. Sorry. John and I lost our minds.

Let me explain.

Ava has not slept, at all, since she was sick. She has also announced "I am done sleeping"

Like as in FOREVER.

So if this wasn't enough on it's own to make us go completely insane I had the brilliant idea that we should potty train Ava right now.

I was reading this blog about lazy parenting and I got into a debate with this woman named Kim about potty training our kids. She was referencing to a child that just turned 3 and was not potty trained and how the parents were lazy.

This got me thinking.

Yes I have been actively trying to get Ava interested in the potty for at least a year now. I talk about it all the time. I get her books on it & read them with her ALL THE TIME. We watch movies on the subject. I constantly bring up her little friends and how they are "big girls" and how she could be too, blah, blah, blah.

So Kim asks me "but do you keep her in diapers?"

Damn it. Yes, okay, the answer is YES. Rrrrr.

So Saturday morning, much to Ava's dismay I decided to turn in those diapers for underwear. She has about 30 pairs of super cute undies that she acquired for her birthday because I was SURE when she turned two she was going to want to do this.

She was semi excited to wear them for about 2 minutes then begged for a diaper back on. I said no. I stuck with that decision ALL DAY. Here is how it went:

"Ava do you have to go potty?"


"Let's try anyway"

So just go back and read those last 3 lines every 3 minutes until you have said it 50 million times and that was our conversation, the entire day.

She went through 20 pairs of wet panties each accompanying a puddle on the floor. She even managed to pee on top of the potty twice. At one point she screamed at me "MOMMY CLEAN THE FLOOR AGAIN!!!!" with a smile on her face. I wanted to hurt her.

The good news was she did manage to go IN the potty 7 times.

The part I don't get?? How can one person pee 27 times? She is like a damn piddling puppy.

My conclusion is she is not ready yet, soon yes, but not now.

This morning Ava looks at me and says "Mommy I wear diapers today"

I looked at her sweet little face and said "Okay, I am with you girl, have a hay day."



April said...

Okay, let me preface this by saying that I do not have children myself, and have never solely potty-trained anyone.

I am, however, a baby nurse, and I was a nanny for four years, and I know a lot of people with toddlers.

So. Here's my point of view. A child is not going to do well with potty-training unless said child is ready. I mean, it sounds like your little Ava is seriously not interested. All kids potty train at their own pace, some are ready at 2, some aren't ready till 3, some regress and some don't - and it's ALL okay. I say, give her time. If it makes her that miserable, and she's only 2 (which I honestly think is still fairly young), why push her?

Good luck with all of that :) And don't let other kids' parents bully or pressure you into doing stuff that doesn't work for your kid.

Sarah said...

Yes, I agree. She is young. She needs to physically be able to 'hold it' longer if this is going to work. Otherwise I am not really setting her up for success. She has wavered in her interest but since Saturday is adamantly against it. Oh-well back to the library to get NEW potty books. That being said, I am going to back off a bit and let it be her idea, she is too stubborn for her own good for it to go any other way.

Sarah @ said...

I have no input on the potty-training thing. Every child is different, every parent is different, every family is different, soooo I'll just leave it at that.

What I do have input on is this: OH MY GOODNESS, YOUR DAUGHTER IS ADORABLE.


Madeline said...

Ava will get the hang of it when she is ready. I know I am so many moons away from potty training, but it seems to me, if a child isn't ready, they aren't ready. It is not like she is going to be going to college in diapers, don't worry about it yet : )Oh, and please remind me of this when I am stressing about it in 1 year, 9 months : )

Rhi said...

this strikes fear into my heart. Tyler has been interested so I started working on it more...and then it hits me. He's one. He can't pull up his pants. He can't pull down his pants. It's not like he could wipe himself if he accomplished a #2 in the potty. What is the rush again?!??! he is happy to sit there, but with little results. And you are in no way, shape or form a lazy parent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah said...

Rhi, yeah for you for getting him interested early. Can't say that always works out but sometimes it does and THAT is awesome!! Just stop telling me about it!! J/K