I have tried very hard not to spoil Ava. I have noticed several relatives that bend to her every whim and I really try to put a stop to that when ever I witness it taking place. I discipline her the second she gets out of line and strive to remain consistent in doing so.

All that being said, here is where the "but" comes in.

BUT as you know, Ava has been sick. Not just a little sick but really sick. It breaks my heart to see her this way. She has just looked miserable.

Besides being really cuddly and wanting me to hold her every second, she is extremely touchy, the littlest thing sets her off. One minute she will be begging for applesauce and then the second you pull it out of the fridge she falls to the floor sobbing "I want something else!!!"

I have done pretty much anything she wants to keep her happy in this last week. ANYTHING. You want to watch Sesame Street for the hundredth time? Sure. You want oatmeal, ok here. Oh oatmeal isn't doing for you? Now you want cereal? Ok here. Oh cereal isn't doing for you? What would you like now? This is never ending.

I am now a short order cook.

She also mastered getting us to come back in her room 3o0 times to bring her water, retrieve her a toy, pillow or blanket she threw out of the crib, hand her another book, put her jammies back on, etc.

The cutest incident was last night, she was supposed to be sleeping but instead was yelling over and over "MOMMY!! MOMMY!! MOMMY!!" I thought for sure her crib was on fire or something equally tragic. I go in and ask her what she needs, she says "I just need one kiss from Daddy."

Yes, he is a sucker too, but who wouldn't be for that proclamation?

He comes in and she puts her hands on his cheeks and pulls him in and gives him the sweetest kiss. That was it, she was good for the night.

So here's the thing. Ava is now a MONSTER. Gone is the child I had trained to "pull it together" she has been replaced by an evil little two year old that expects us to do anything and everything she wants.

All this in a week.

We are done.

We are not jumping through her hoops anymore. John and I are collectively putting our foot down. NO MORE INDULGENCE! Bless her sick little heart but seriously we are over it.

I am expecting a lot of tears but I think we can do this, we can get our sweet little girl back.

Good bye Sucker, welcome back Bad Cop.

Lily is putting her paw down too.


Rhi said…
LMAO-not at the bad cop-ness that must take place, but at needed one kiss from daddy, and you being a short order cook
Unknown said…
Haha, ya well.. now I see how kids that have real health problems can get spoiled.. so hard to discipline a poor sick kid :( At least we are lucky to have healthy children! Good luck getting the order back!

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