Our Valentine's Day

John and I celebrated our Valentine's Day last night. We like to miss the crowds.

These are a few of the classic, no-one-is-here-to-take-our-picture-so-we-can-do-it-our-self photos.


We had a wonderful date night. First we stopped at Saucebox a place that we had heard has a great happy hour. We had fabulous drinks, the best was a recommendation from Billy, the Thai Basil Gimlet, absolutely to die for. We are already plotting making them at home. The food was perfect, red curry noodles, pad Thai, sushi and edamame, all our favorite things. We will have to go back soon. So many wonderful unexplored restaurants in the world, so little time!!

After the Saucebox we headed out for our movie. We were torn between Avatar and The Blind Side, the shorter movie won since we were needing to get home to our babysitter.

The movie was REALLY good. The story was quite touching. I loved Sandra Bullock in it. She did a great job in a different role then we have seen her in.

After the movie we headed home to see our favorite little Valentine. She was so excited to see us even though she had a fun date night playing with Gramma and Grandpa.

Thanks for watching her Mom! I love how much you two love each other, it fills my heart up.

My two favorite people!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!


Rhi said…
good pics! Happy Valentine's Day Gambles!!!!
Sarah said…
Thanks Rhi, hope you guys have a great Valentines Day too, what does Matt have up his sleeve?
Unknown said…
Happy Valentines Day Gamble family!

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