Friday Happenings

Good Morning.

They are pretty cute together.
But you could probably put a slug next to Ava and I THINK they would look cute together.

Today was a tutu day.

She is killing me.

Blowing me kisses.

Having her girly moment, tutu, babies & stroller.

Playing stickers with Grandma.
Now off to the mall...

better try on some hats.

She fits right in.

Then we went to Pump It Up to play with Sammy.

Ava deserves a little playdate!

Grandma joined in...

and her BFF, Elmo.

We ended the evening with dinner at Grandpa's. He got a haircut today at the barber shop. We tried our hand at another pool game and he won! Everyone keeps suggesting I threw the game but I assure you I did not.

I just suck.
But my skills are coming back, I can just feel it.


Unknown said…
Ava looks good in hats! So cute.. I can't get Sam to wear them :(
Sarah said…
Oh I am not saying she would WEAR it, she just is slightly cooperative playing dress up :)

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