My first daughter

Bayli will always be my first daughter, at least in my heart. Bayli came into my life at about the exact age Ava is now. I fell in love with her almost instantly. I think at first I was a little intimidated by her.

The day we met we were riding in a car together and the first words she offered up were "Daddy there is a monster in the car." Yes, she was referring to me.

That was a short lived phase, we adored each other in no time.

Bayli is 13 now and oh so grown up. She is such a good girl, she nearly has strait A's and she is just such a pleasure to be around. Bayli is fabulous with Ava too. It is so heartwarming for me to see my two girls together. They love each other and I LOVE that!

John loves Bayli too, which is reason 4,894 that I love him. I am so happy Bayli still finds such a comfortable happy place in all our lives.

Bayli and I picked up this art easel for $10 over the weekend, I love me some Craig's List action!

Oh and another way to our hearts?? Enjoying playing our favorite game, she really should move in.


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