Just Playin'

We love to have tickle-fests on the couch.

We also LOVE to snuggle.

...and fly.

Or just hang out.

Piggy back rides are fun.

So is climbing all over other peoples furniture.

All three of us fell in love with this bunk bed we came across at Dania.

It is way more girly then I usually like but for some reason I LOVE it.

After all that playing a girl has got to rest.

If she gets her way, that rest will come in OUR bed.

We are working on that though : )


Oh-- My 5 year old still would rather falla sleep in our bed -- if we let him he would every night! He is getting rather large to move though :)
Sarah said…
Our battle with sleep in never ending! I feel like I am winning a little, this week :)

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