Beautiful Day

The last two days have been amazingly sunny and relatively warm. When this is the case, we don't walk to the park, we run:
Ok that is a lie, on this particular day, we drove.

But yesterday we did walk to the park : )

Upon coming up to the park and seeing all the random park goers Ava yells
"look all my friends are here!!"

Take note of the beautiful building in the background of these photos, this is where Grandpa is going to live. Yes that is right, next to our favorite park!! : )

The place is called The Springs, the owner actually bought this piece of land, built a park and then donated it to the city. I heart them. They just seem like really good people.

Just to keep basking in the wonderful sunshine we decided to walked over to the nearby mall where there is a little fountain that Ava loves.

She loves it so much that she might just jump in.

It also makes her feel like dancing...

Often it comes with other kids to play with, you know, "her friends"

Very nice day, glad we got outside to enjoy it, today it is raining.

Bring on the flowers Mr. Rain.


guzzi guy said…
So has Don agreed to the new abode?
Sarah said…
I would say yes, in a 95% sure kind of way. :) He hasn't seen it yet, but likes the brochures and says that is his plan at the end of this month. I think it is going to be a hard move for him. I hope it all goes smoothly.
April said…
Your little girl is SO ADORABLE. And that smile looks a bit mischievous, too... I bet she's a handful :)
Sarah said…
Thank you, April. If she wasn't so funny and hilarious I don't know what we would do... :)
Rhi said…
Awesome looking park! What a great place for you Grandpa to be next to, hope it all goes smoothly :)
Unknown said…
That's great your grandpa's gonna live right next to that park! We wanna meet you guys there again on our next sunny day (:

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