Perfect Night.

There isn't many things I enjoy more then spending time with my family. My "Perfect Night" consists of a dinner party and games. On Wednesday, that is just what we did.

Jessica, Vashi, Mom & Linda all came over for dinner. I didn't even have to cook! Jessica brought a wonderful Lasagna, I threw together a salad and some bread and we called it good. (Oh wait, don't forget the wine!) Mom brought one of my very favorite wines:

7 Deadly Zins. If you haven't tried it yet, you should.

Auntie Linda entertained Ava for most of the night, or Ava entertained Linda, I am not sure which is more accurate.

I think she is pondering accessories for her outfit.

Auntie Jessica's red purse, perfect.

This is Vashi, she is leaving us.

It is for LOVE so we will forgive her.

As long as she visits, that is.

We played games until about 1am. Eat, drink, be merry. Yep that is what it is all about, perfect night.


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