10 Things

Here are 10 things about me you may or may not know:

1. I never liked chocolate much until I was pregnant and now I love it.

2. I fall asleep while driving long distances super easily. (like roll down the windows and scream and STILL can't keep my eyes open)

3. I am not freaked out by the usual spiders, bugs, snakes, mice etc. that many women seem to be freaked out by. I try to instill this non-fear in my daughter as much as possible and really get bugged (ha-ha) when I notice a kid that has been "taught" to be afraid of these things.

4. I hate yard work. (Thankfully my husband loves it)

5. I am a total bargain shopper and get the biggest high off of saving money. It makes me sooo happy!! It is such a sickness that I have to take a moment and decide - do I really need this item or am I just impressed with the deal?

6. I love our kegerator but am not a big fan of beer. I love the taste of it but to drink more then one glass feels like torture.

7. Dave's Killer Bread is one of my very favorite things.

8. Total night owl, I am almost never tired until it is time to get up in the morning. Sadly I think my daughter is rockin' this gene and it is much less becoming in a two year old.

9. I find ground turkey to be really exciting! I know that sounds weird but I have not eaten red meat in many many years and only with in the last few started using ground turkey, it opens up a whole new set of dishes that I thought you would need ground beef for.

10. I could eat Thai food 3 meals a day forever and NEVER get sick of it. Well I suppose I haven't tried doing that so I might be wrong but I really think I might be able to pull it off. Oh but wait, I also love Mexican food, and Italian food so I might start missing those...Oh and ice cream! Yummm!