The New Mr. & Mrs.

We really didn't want to miss Meaghan's wedding,
that was the reason for our trip.

It's funny because our trip to see her wedding ended
up being so much more.  

It was a chance to reconnect, spend time with John's
family, hike, relax, & just plain enjoy ourselves 
without kids.  

It wasn't until the end of the weekend that we got to
attend the wedding, which ended up being the perfect
grand finale to our perfect little get-away.  

It's not going to seem like I narrowed down my 
pictures to put up here, but believe me, I did.  : )
 John's Sister Celia & her daughter Karli
 Bob & Barbie

 The groom pretending to escape.
 Meaghan's Dad Matt
 Matt & Meaghan's son Caiden

 Such a beautiful venue!

 Waiting for his bride.
 3 flower girls & the little ring bearer
 Here's where we all started bawling.


 So cute.

 So happy.


 Anne, Meaghan's Mom, John's Sister

 Love them.
 They are "the perfect blend"

 Meaghan's Sister Brianna

 While he dug around for the garter they played
a the song "99 problems and a Bitch ain't one"
so funny.
 Got it.

 Happy dancers.
 Those boots.  Dear Norah, you are next.

 So much fun was had by all.
 We couldn't be happier for Matt, Meaghan & Caiden.

I'm so very happy we went.

What a great way to end our perfect little vacation!