Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Yesterday we did Ava's class field trip to 
the pumpkin patch.  

She was super thrilled to go, 
I myself had mixed feelings.  
 First off we went to the same farm that we 
had just gone to for our farm field trip, 
so that seemed a little redundant.
 Especially for the $18 they charge for us to go.
$6 for Ava, which I'm OK with, $6 for me the 
helpful parent chaperone, and worst of all $6 
for my baby who happens to make the whole 
 Please, charge me the $6 and then 
 She did enjoy most of it though, it was just
anytime she was required to sit, WAIT and listen
that she didn't do well.
 They just happen to like to require that of 
these kids frequently.  Norah doesn't care 
what every type of pumpkin under the sun is 
called or what all the equipment on your farm
you aren't even going to let her touch does. 

 But oh well, I like them to get out and experience
real life as much as possible and sitting still & 
listening to things you don't care about is something
she is just going to have to get used to anyway. 
 Say WHAT???
 They let all the kids jump into this feed bin,
they thought that was pretty cool.

 You can imagine we have been finding that
stuff all over our house today as it slowly 
makes it's way out of their clothes  : )
 When we headed up to the pumpkin patch
we asked the tour farm lady if we could have 
something to carry our pumpkins back with
for all the kids.  She laughed and said no, they
each just get to take one they can carry.
 It made more sense when we got out there and 
realized that the pumpkins you can choose from 
that come with your paid admission are super tiny.  
There goes getting my $18 back that way...lol
 Yay dirt!!
 When did Ava get so old anyway?
This is why I don't dress her in jeans.

All day people were crying over how much 
older she looks.  Ugh, where did my baby go??
 Next thing you know THIS ONE will be pulling that crap too.

  I finally got our pumpkins in the car when Ava
begged to go back and take some pictures with 
the little signs they cut the face out of.  You 
would think I would be thrilled at this prospect
but I really wasn't, I kind of just wanted to leave.
The car was quite a ways from those signs and 
Norah needed food & a nap badly. 
 But you know me, I may be able to say no to 
my kids 6000 times a day but when they request
a photo???  Well, that is my weakness.  
Back up the hill we went.
 Truthfully I hate these kind of pictures but I'm 
sure if I dig back to last year, and the year before
I can find a younger Ava in these same signs. 
 Plus I love pumpkin photos.  I've been chompimg
at the bit to take some this year.
 This was a mission though, lets do this quick
and get back to the car...
 So they really didn't turn out that great.
 But they are fun.   And it made Ava happy.
But this one?  This one made it all worth it to me.

Thanks Ava, you were right, I'm glad I 
listened to you, yet again...


Holy cow! $18? Wow, I would want a bigger pumpkin too! And that last picture? So cute!