The Many Faces of Trouble.

 Here's Norah pretending to go night-night
in the big bed in her room.
 Lately she is much better at PRETENDING to
go to bed then ACTUALLY going to bed.

 We created our own monster here,
this is based mostly on our not taking the
bottle away from her yet and continuously
trying to get away with NOT giving it to
her but then giving in when she freaks out. 
 Every night we try to skip it, every night
she has the biggest melt down EVER. 
 (Every time I open the fridge she shoves her
self in there and has a stand off about never
leaving the inside of the fridge, SHE thinks
it's funny.)
Anyhow, I shouldn't even be bringing up this
whole bottle issue since we aren't even
technically standing strong on it yet.  
 I always feel like there is something coming
up that I want to wait through first.  I tell you
it's COMPLICATED.  She's just so old and
soooo opinionated!!
 Maybe we will just re-address this issue
when she is 18.

Or then it's HER problem, right??
 That's Ava's angry/scary face. 
Were you scared??
 I really prefer this face. 
 This girl is so sweet.

 The other night we were having all kinds of
trouble getting Norah to sleep.  Ava was already
in bed and could hear us carrying on about the
situation.  When we passed by Ava's room she
had put Norah's Hello Kitty out in the hall hoping
that would help her sleep.  Later we started
discussing concerns that Norah may have a
fever, when we passed by Ava's door the next
time Ava had laid her play thermometer, from
her doctors kit, outside her door. 

She is so funny & thoughtful!!

 Ava practicing her letters.
 Norah calling her peeps.
 They pretty much just pose for me all day.

 Unless they are over it, but I just ignore that fact.
 There are just too many funny faces to capture.

 And I want to remember every single one of them.
 Norah climbed up on the bar stool and found
Ava's practice letters. 
 She kept saying "Look!  I do letters!!" 
Um, no. 

 They have so much fun together.

 Pondering, probably what kind of trouble
to get in to next...

So many faces, so much fun.


Oh that Ava! She is such a good big sister!
Kelly said…
These are all so sweet! Love that Ava tried to take her temperature :)

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