Super Fun.

What a great weekend!

One of my favorite things to do is hang
out with Billy.  As fun as it is to get our kids
together, it's even better when we get to run off
without them.  

There is nothing I look forward to like a night
away from kids!!  

Does that sound bad??
Hummm, not sure I care, I love it, not gonna lie.

Jessica always joins us, we love her, she has to.
We were also honored to have our friend Lisa
come party with us too.  

John was so sweet to let me go even though
it hasn't been all that long since we did this. 

 We had a fabulous night bar hopping, eating great food,
laughing, talking & meeting up with old friends. 
 It was perfect.

Meanwhile John was home being a wonderful Daddy 
to our girls, camping in the living room. 
Fun was had by all, can't wait to do it again!  : )

Thanks love for supporting me doing these things,
I REALLY really appreciate it!!  Love you!

 Love our little family.


A night out is always fun :-) Glad you got to get away!