Pictures from our trip!

All of these were taken from my phone,
I'm so glad I got the other one replaced 
before our trip!  The only time I took the 
big camera out was for the wedding.
Most of these are scenery from a our hikes.

 Every time we saw a horse I was happy, mostly 
because with how many piles of horse poop we 
stepped over & around, I felt it was owed to us 
to actually see one.  : )

 Downtown Auburn
 John's Parents (the cutest couple), Bob & Barbie
 Love them.
Every meal we had was amazing (minus the oatmeal
for breakfast every day) thanks Yelp!!!  This is an
Indian meal we had the first night, it was perfection.
The other meals included great Italian food, the best
fish tacos EVER, fabulous brewery bites, & wonderful
wedding bliss.  We ate well!!  

 Little lizard I really wanted to take you home to Ava.

 Downtown Auburn

 Too hot for wine.

 Our little Versa, so Heros!
 From the plane.
 Back in Portland, short flight.
 But super long trip home.
 We survived 2 broken MAX trains and ended 
up getting a ride part way home, it was a disaster.
But this little smiley girl made that all worth it.

Unlike Ava who I picked up from preschool and 
she looks up, sees it's me and looks way disappointed.

"I thought Grandma was picking me up."

Really Ava?  You haven't seen me in 3 days!!  I 
thought you would be excited to see me?!  I 
thought you would run into my arms and be so 

"Well, I thought about doing that, but I really 
wanted Grandma to pick me up."

"I did miss you."

Just to appease me she left the room, pretended 
she saw me for the first time and ran into my arms.

Whatever Ava, in truth we only missed you a little too.


Norah keeps telling me she had fun and that she went 
to the beach.  So funny!!  Such a little talker!

I guess they don't mind us leaving on trips, 
good to know, good to know...

Where shall we go next????