Perfect Fall Day.

Today has been great.  

I got up, ran, cleaned the house, did laundry,
I even washed the windows!!!

Then the girls, my Mom & I all went for a 
walk around Dawson Creek.  Really more 
like a run, Ava's getting pretty fast!

I brought my camera just in case there were
some good fall shots to catch...
 I just love Dawson Creek Park.

 We found a ladybug!  We haven't seen
one for awhile and not for lack of looking!
 It's a wonder they never live long in Ava's
hands, I don't think they like the way she 
holds them.  Poor ladybug.
 Love these girls.

 And then there were TWO.  
Yes two ladybugs!

 How cute is she??

 I couldn't resist taking this guys photo,
I loved the way he was lost in the beauty
surrounding him.

 So fun!

Next we headed home for a little cookie
making with my girl.

 I think she liked the idea.

We ended the evening with a nice little
dinner party with my Dad & Angi.  It was 
really nice to see them, it's been forever!

It sounds like the day would be over right??

Not so much, next I sneaked away to HOT
Yoga, it was my third class and I have to say

I'm a little surprised by that since after the 
first HOUR AND A HALF class I was 
just so happy I survived I wasn't sure I 
could actually like it, but now I do.

I'm on a great health kick lately and it 
makes me soooo happy.  Yay.

Perfect day.