I love Fall.
 We are getting all festive around here.

And when I say "all festive" I mean we have 
a few pumpkins sitting by our door & 
Halloween costumes purchased.  

The only other decorating I did was this:
Thanks Katharina!!  It really helps having crafty
 I'm trying to get more crafty around here too.
This takes a lot of effort, I'm not prone to craftiness 
and it's a little of a struggle to encourage messiness.
 We've been working on these little rocks,
they might end up a rock family with googly eyes.

We also made a little 5 senses project the other day
it was based on this:
 impressed that Ava knew, with no prompting, what 
all five of her 5 senses were.  Hers looked a lot like 
this one and if I was one of those sentimental moms
(or at least a better blogger) I would of at least taken
a picture of HERS before I threw it away. 
 I'm always a little scared she will find all of 
her hard work in the trash but she might as well
find out how cold hearted I am now : )
At least they have a nice Daddy...


Sweet pictures of them cuddling - love it!
Rachel said…
Such a fun time of year!

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