We had an absolutely fabulous weekend up 
at Government Camp.  The house was filled
with my wonderful family & some fun new 
friends too.  It couldn't of gone better and the 
real icing on the cake was SNOW!  
Our first of the season...
 The kids woke up eager to go outside,
they stood mesmerized at the window 
all morning. 
 We didn't torture them for too long,
out we went.

 This is Claudia & Jesus, they are from 
Guadalajara, they have only seen snow 
once and that was 15 years ago, 
they were the most excited of 
the bunch!

 They insisted on helping us shovel snow : )
 Claudia is just adorable.

Hows that taste Colton?
 Such a beautiful day.

 Are you lookin' at me??


 Love this one.
 They built a little snow man, we couldn't 
convince them to do snow angels ; )

Love this.

It was such a fun day!  

It's funny that we have been having 
Summer-ish weather pretty recently
and then just recently really started 
embracing Fall and now THIS.  Ha!

Pure joy : )


Holy cow, snow? I'm totally not ready for that just yet. Looks like a blast, though!
guzzi guy said…
You guys really lucked out! These are beautiful shots.