A little more weekend... : )

Here are a *few* more photos from our 
trip, such a fun weekend and really just
a preview of things to come since we 
will be here with these people plus 
several others for Thanksgiving and 
that's just around the corner. 

The kids LOVE going to the museum
in Government Camp, I'd never been 
there but John has taken them several 
times.  It's pretty cool.

They loved showing us around.  
: )

 Nature walk

 Norah playing cards.
 Claudia building her first snowman.
 Scott & Vivienne are pretty cute too : )
 Playing trains.

 Scott teaching the kids some computer 
learning games.
 Our big dinner Saturday, I forgot how
much I LOVE meatloaf!  It took way longer
then it should of to make but totally worth it!
 Super sweet.
 Scott teaching Abby pinochle, pretty epic
moment, such an important game in our 
competitive family.  He looks VERY 
SERIOUS about it too...
 This is actually really more like how it went,
love this.

The whole weekend was great, can't wait
to do it all again, soon!!