Happy Halloween!!

Here is phase one of our Halloween,
which of course will continue throughout
the day today.

 First lets go through what it takes to 
BEE happy, Ava style.


 Love that girl.

Next we headed out for our traditional
trick or treating at Cushman & Wakefield,
we've gone there every year since Ava's 
very first Halloween.  Auntie Jessica
doesn't actually work there anymore but
they were gracious enough to still invite 
us to come enjoy the festivities. 
 I never actually tried this costume on Norah,
every time I asked her if she wanted to 
wear it she gave me a firm "NO!!"

Regardless, she was happy as a clam to wear
it today.  Even the hat, she never even tried 
to take off, gotta love that.
 Haunted house?  At first they were scared...

After going through once clinging to me,
Ava ended up LOVING it. She insisted on
going through four more times!  She even 
ended up trying to scare the mummy guy 
waiting inside to scare her.  They all got a 
kick out of that!
Norah just plain loved it the whole time, she 
was laughing all the way through even though
there was NOTHING funny, just spooky.
She caught onto this whole candy-getting
 You want to give me candy?? OK!  

I don't actually know what candy is
but it seems like a fun idea....
 She was happily leading the way.

BEE pretty.
So much fun!! 
I can't tell you how much I LOVE
that Norah is old enough to really 
enjoy this.  It's so great seeing them
have this much fun together. 

I pray TODAY goes as well.
Happy Halloween!!


Oh my gosh! They are just too cute!

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