A Little Health Update

It's been a while since I've done an update on 
where I am with my running.  

The good news is I'm still doing it.  

At first I had a fear of missing a day, balanced
with my other fear, injuring myself from pushing 
myself too far.

That last part almost sounds funny to me since
I surround myself with people running half 
marathons and even FULL marathons!!  

I would NEVER EVER EVER do that!! 

Mark my words!

I think it's great for those that are into it but 
personally I have no desire.

I'm perfectly happy running 2-3 miles and 
calling it good.  If I'm really fast that day my 
pace will fall in the 10 something minute range.

I think I will try a 10k next year, that seems 
like a good goal.  I actually could do
half marathon if I was alternating between 
walking & running, I can basically walk forever. 

Anyhow, I'm not running every day anymore 
but I am incorporating exercise into my day,
everyday.  Usually running, but sometimes just 
going for long walks.  I look for opportunities 
to add exercise in to our day as many times as 
I can throughout the day.  I love that.

I have also started feeding us all green-ish 
smoothies every morning for breakfast.  
This is great because Norah refuses to touch 
vegetables at all, no matter how hard I try.  
But slams down 16 ounces of her drink pretty 
quickly.  I keep it in the fridge & keep feeding 
it to her until it's gone.  

Here is a pretty typical one:
 That part is ALL veggies.
Then I top it with some fruit to sweeten it up.
 It consists of spinach, mixed greens, zucchini, 
cabbage, carrots, strawberries, banana, mangoes, 
pineapple, orange juice, yogurt & flax.  
Sometimes I use other berries, just depends what 
we have on hand. I try to make it at least 60% veggies.

I love that they love it.  I no longer feel bad about 
Norah getting enough veggies, I now just worry 
she is never going to just eat them on her own.  
The rest of us are a good example though, 
so hopefully she will feed off that someday.

 Don't let that face fool you, she LOVES it.

We, as a family, have always eaten pretty healthy 
but I have been focusing on really upping the veggie 
factor and reducing the amount of starches we eat.  
We still eat them, just with a lot more moderation.  

So overall things are going well.  I feel much 
healthier.  I am supper happy that I have an actual 
pull towards exercising, that we are eating even 
better & I'm down 22 pounds, can't complain about that! 


guzzi guy said…
Congratulations. Sounds like you have achieved a nice balance here.
Alaina said…
Good for you! And you can do a 10k, I know you can!

Curious about the green smoothie...nervous because anything green seems...eh. We do fruit smoothies every day, but I may have to try the veggie one, too.