Zoo Fun with the Class

 We had a great little zoo field trip with Ava's
class yesterday morning. 

I knew Ava would struggle with getting up early
to go and sure enough she was super dramatic
about how tired she was.  But we still made it 
there on time, which always makes me happy.
 In fact, we were there BEFORE the zoo even opened
which meant front row parking and no real lines to get in.
 I love when it's not busy there, the last time we went
was a total claustrophobic NIGHTMARE.
 This time though, not only were there no crowds but
the weather was amazing.
 The kids were even pretty great too. 
 They all had fun together for about 2 hours and 
then they were done.  Perfect.
 Norah is generally my biggest challenge, and today
was no different.  You have to bring a stroller, but she
wants out, you have to let her out but then she never 
wants back in...she did pretty well though.
 So even though I thought I deserved at t-shirt that said 
"I survived the zoo with 8 kids"
 Really, these kids made it pretty easy & quite enjoyable.  : )


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