Well we need to back track a little, as I mentioned
so many photos to share.  Here are some from our
little over-nighter with the Macy family.
 Zech, aka Pie Pie
 Ava's first smores!  She loved them.
 Babies & fire, that seems like a good idea right?
 Norah thought this process was so FUN!

 Now what do I do with it??
 Love Billy.
 Kid pile.
 The Macy's brought Caiden, there adopted 5th child.
Apparently last time we hung out with them Amelie & 
Caiden decided Ava had a crush on him (she doesn't) 
but it was so funny because every time Ava said anything
to Caiden, Amelie & him would exchange a little knowing
look.  It was cracking me up.

Time to play doctor. 
 I'm sorry to inform you that your baby is VERY sick.
 She requires surgery.
 After much work, we fixed her.  
She is good now.  : )
 Love her face.
 Amelie & Caiden fishing together
(with their homemade bag & stick)
 : )
 How cute are they?
 Is he glaring at me?  I love his little face.
 Oh and Ben.  So cute!
 More cute.
Amelie is so pretty.

Love me some Macy time.  
Best friends are the best.


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