Quality Time

The girls and I had such a lovely time hanging out 
with Angela & Kruse.  The kids got along great, 
we ate well, it was relaxing, fun & no stress. 
 Happy Norah, plotting to climb up...
 Love the reflection of his cute little face.

 The girls love to pretend that this bear bites.
 It totally cracks them up.

 Sweet face.
 How cute are they??
Ava was such a good girl, the whole trip.  She is such
a big help with the littles.
 Kruse loves Ava, kept hugging her & tackling her : )

 Dirty babies.

I love good friends & especially the chance
to spend some real quality time with them. 

Thank you Mom & John, getting to hang out at your
lovely home is so amazing, I am so very grateful!


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