Alayah is ONE.

 We had the pleasure of attending my niece Alayah's
birthday party on Saturday.  

Could she be cuter??
 The party was at a park, which is PERFECT.
The kids were thrilled.

 All four of us, in (reverse) birth order : )
 Cake pops!
 Chelsea want to smoosh Norah or eat her up, 
maybe both.
 But I'm sure you can understand why.
 Chemise & Eli
 I love this, looks like a surprise party.
 Eat the cake Alayah...
 Not a fan of cake.  At all.  Or frosting.
 That's it, she is out of here.
 Ok, lets try a cake pop??
 Well, if SHE isn't going to eat it....

 Beautiful momma.
 Alayah LOVED her new baby.  So sweet.
Pretty little happy Ava.
Little Alayah, we love you so much,
Happy Birthday!!!


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