Family fun in the forest.

 On Saturday we decided to hike Cascade Head.
It's something that has been on our To Do list forever.

 I love these flowers.  
They were all over the place up here.

 It was SUPER muddy.  This was the only 
not-so-awesome thing about our hike.
 Almost to the top.
 I assured her she washes up well.

 I love how Norah holds on the whole time, so cute.

 Such a view!

 Really making an effort to get IN some of our
family photos : )

 Ava is so pretty.

 Ava did great the whole way.  Aside from the mud 
issue she had little to complain about.  Well I'm sure
she did mention being hungry but we NEVER 
go more then a few minutes without hearing that...

Ugh, more mud.  Ava actually lost a shoe in it at 
one point.  That didn't go over so well, not gonna lie.
Can you see Norah?  Peeking over John's shoulder?

Such a perfect day. 
We love doing this kind of stuff, so fun!


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