Just a little cute to brighten anyones day...

Hi from Government Camp.

The girls and I ran away together to spend 
some quality time with a good friend of ours 
and her son.  

We got here pretty late in the evening so aside
from the rushing the kids off to bed and a 
couple cocktails & catching up, we are basically 
just settling in.

I figured for now I would share this mornings cuteness.
(this was in between Norah's head spinning 
around from some unknown demon that was 
possessing her, which has since subsided, thankfully...)

 She is a handful, this girl.  
But I love every speck of her being. 

She has completely stolen our hearts.


Alaina said…
Love the leopard! Thanks for the dose of cuteness!!
guzzi guy said…
Serious cuteness!

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