First and Second Haircut

So with Ava we waited until she was nearly 4 before 
cutting one single strand of hair.  I think I was just so 
happy she FINALLY had hair I didn't want to mess with it. 

My good friend Carmen came over to cut my hair and 
we ended up doing both girls too!  (Yay for getting out 
of having to go to the kid place Ava was pushing for!)

Here is Ava, this is her second haircut.  : )
 She was such a good girl, just sat really still
& was super patient.
 Here is the after:
 It's not a lot shorter, more evened up then anything.
 This is the back, a little curlier.
She is so cute.  

On a side note this morning she woke up and came out 
of her room all dressed & ready to go, happy as a clam.
She was wearing a matching outfit and sang us this really
awesome song that she made up, it was super cute.  
Love this girl.  She is my sunshine.

Here are a few before of Norah, we just cut the hair out 
of her eyes, it needed it.

 And here is the after:
Sniff, sniff.  Dying over here.  She kills me.
Just when I thought she couldn't be cuter...


Both hair cuts are adorable! Where's a picture of yours? :-)

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